July 06, 2004

Blair says WMD 'may never be found'

Tony blair continues to try to wriggle his way out of lieing to parliment over Iraq, first it was Sadam has Weapons of mass destruction ready to fire in 45 minutes, then they became battlefield weapons of mass destruction, then weapons programs, now Tony says Sadam had a desire to develop weapons of mass destruction. Saddam did have WMD, in the 1980's, we gave it to him to fight the iranians. However he did not have any at the begining of Gulf War II, and had Hans Bliks been given more time he would have been able to confirm this.

The war was not about WMD as there wheren't any there. The only connection between Saddam and bin Laden was mutual hatred and that they had both had business connections to the Bush clan. Considering the lack of any kind of action to the genocide in Sudan that is going on at the moment I think that we can rule out wanting to help the people of Iraq. Iraq is quite clearly going to have little more than a puppet goverment, run from the US embersy, for the forseeable future so democracy is not the reason for the war either. Which leaves only oil and money as the reason for going to war. Look at where the rebuilding contracts when, companies such as Haliburton (formerly headed by Dick Cheny), companies that bought Bush his election.

From the same article "if someone who calls themselves a Protestant goes on to the streets of Northern Ireland and murders a Catholic that doesn't reflect on the whole of the Protestant religion." this is correct, it would reflect on the Loyalist comunity. Northen Ireland terrorists/freedom fighters where fighting for political objectives so their terrorism was labled with these objectives in mind. Islamic terrorism has the objective of imposing an extremist, corrupted, form of Islam on the world. That is why it is correctly called Islamic Terrorism as it's prupose is the propergation of extremist Islam.


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